Studying MBBS abroad: Facts which parents and students must know

Firstly i would like to thank people who are reading this article now. Truematics education consultancy is authorized university representative for studying MBBS program in Ukraine, Russia, Philippines, China, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Azerbaijan and Central America.

These are exciting time; most of them who are seeking to study medicine like you will be reading this article. I understand that you would have read many articles about study mbbs in abroad before you see this article. This article will show real time student life, after study option and facility during study period. In recent years there are lots of Indian students who wish to study medicine in abroad. The reason is very simple; they could not afford fee which private institution in India offer. Also lots of students who have not cleared NEET exam are choosing MBBS abroad as a good option. So now there is no other option for Indian student other than studying somewhere under their affordable budget. The parents will get so many questions in their mind before they send their child many miles away from home.

Steps before you take decision:
  • Ask the student if he/she can live alone and make his/her ambition true.
  • Tell the student clearly that their main job is to study.
  • Think well about money matters. Normally total expenditure including tuition fees, hostel, food, misc. will be around 4 lacs per year.

  • Ok now if you are satisfied with above steps, then move on to admission process. There are many universities in abroad for studying MBBS; most of them are funded by government. The facility will be good for most of the universities.

    Visa process:

    This is one of the tricky jobs in India. There are lots of documents and legal procedure to obtain student visa. For some countries students have to appear for visa interview. I would strongly suggest leaving this matter to our truematics consultancy and we can take care of all visa work. This will save lots of time and money.

    After landing in Abroad:

    At this stage students will be under enormous pressure. The student mind will have so many things like new place, no friends, fathers hard earned money, nobody to help, etc.

    Some points which students has to keep in mind
  • Am here to study
  • I know that my father has spent so much money to fulfil my career dream of becoming doctor
  • If am friendly to all, its easy to get friends.
  • I should be good and do well.
  • I need to prepare for MCI test during my course of study.
  • I need to approach senior students to know more about place and people.

  • Please ask the students to keep the above said points in mind.

    Method of education in Abroad:

    Ok now you have made your mind after landing in Abroad for MBBS. The students have just left school, so they will be thinking of about how they are taught in India. Some students will be shocked by the way teachers teach in Abroad University. But this is how the teaching system will be in most of the universities abroad like UK, USA or any other western country. The students have to put more effort to know much detail about the subject. The first year is always a difficult time for student, as they have to get adapted to this kind. Things will be good after second year.

    Hostel facility:

    The university in Abroad will charge something around 700 to 1000 USD/year for accommodation. Please do not expect much with university accommodation, as they are very cheap. The student will get basic facility like electricity, water, heater, kitchen, toilet, etc. Students have to adjust with the roommate with whom they stay.

    Truematics education consultancy is the authorized representative of many university in Ukraine, Russia, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia and Central America. You can get more detailed information from our counsellors. They can clear all your doubts regarding studying MBBS in abroad and you can plan better.

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