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Medical Universities in Kyrgyzstan are recognized in the World Health Organization (WHO)s Directory of World Medical Schools. This listing make a student graduating from such Medical Universities and Medical Colleges in Kyrgyzstan eligible to appear for many of the screening tests like the USMLE, PLAB and also the Screening examination conducted by the National Board Of Examinations, India, under the directive of the Medical Council of India. This has lead to an ever increasing number of international students making their way to Kyrgyzstan to study like the General Medicine and Surgery (MBBS), dental course or dentistry (BDS), M.D/M.S/M.D.S Course. Every year hundreds of international students come to Kyrgyzstan to study Medical. Kyrgyzstan is fast becoming one of the most favored destinations in Central Asia.

MBBS Fees for Kyrgyz state medical academy

Kyrgyz state medical academy 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year 6th Year
Tuition + Hostel Fees/Year in USD 5600 3500 3500 3500 3500 3500

MBBS Fees for Osh state medical university

Osh state medical university 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year 6th Year
Tuition + Hostel Fees/Year in USD 5000 2600 2600 2600 2600 2600

MBBS Fees for Jalalabad state medical university

Jalalabad state medical university 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year 6th Year
Tuition + Hostel Fees/Year in USD 5000 2300 2300 2300 2300 2300
Study MBBS in Kyrgyztan:

-Fully English Medium 5.8 yrs course
-WHO recognized university
-More than 1000 Indian students (Boys & Girls)
-Hostels are on campus
-Indian teachers working in Kyrgyztan universities
-Worlds cheapest university
-Best university with best education and cheapest fees across the world

List of university:

  • Kyrgyz state medical academy - Read more
  • OSh state medical university- Read more
  • Jalalabad state medical university- Read more
  • Kyrgyz State Medical Academy:

    Kyrgyz State Medical Academy is a leader in medical education in the Kyrgyz Republic and the most dynamically developing institution of higher education in Central Asia. In KSMA work 526 teachers, of which 86 professors and doctors of medical sciences, 315 candidates of medical sciences and docents. We are learning more than 4,000 students – citizens of Kyrgyzstan, CIS countries and 17 foreign countries.

    Main tasks KSMA: Meeting the needs of the individual in the intellectual, cultural and moral development through completion of secondary vocational, higher, further and postgraduate medical education based on the indissoluble unity of the educational process, research and clinical work, fundamental and applied research in the field of medicine and related sciences. Academy trains doctors to countries near and far abroad. Instruction is in English and Russian languages.

    Osh State Medical University:

    Osh State Medical University has been training foreign students since 1992. During the years of its existence Osh State Medical University has trained foreign students from more than twenty countries. At present 2751 students are studying at Medical faculty including about 600 students from other countries like India, Nepal, Palestine, Syria,Turkey, Iran, Uzbekistan,Turkmenistan and other countries.The medium of instruction is English. All the subjects are taught in English language on the completion of course,degree of M.D is awarded, valid and recognized all over the world.

    We invite you to study MBBS in Kyrgyztan. We'll be glad to see You in our picturesque city.

    Note please: Transfer students from Russia, Ukraine can continue their studies in Osh state Medical University from same course and same semester. Fees for transfer students will be according to their course and after verifying their academic records of previous university.

    Admission procedure:

    100% Admission, 100% Invitation Letter, 100% Guaranteed Visa

    Step 1: Application process
    Step 2: Invitation process
    Step 3: Visa process(Includes attestation of document, translation, visa fees, health test, Confirmation fee,and insurance.)

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