Study overseas: Every parents must know

Its a very tough decision for any parents to send their ward abroad for education. How this can be dealt easily and what all should parents ensure before planning to send their kid's abroad?

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As a parents its natural that you should gather more information about your childs education by some effective research. Most of the information will be available on chosen university websites. Clearly understand everything on financial parts like exact tuition fees, approximate living expense and other expense. Before you start the process of application, parents must be very clear on the financial part. Most of the country require sponsor information like income tax return, pay slips and supporting documents for student visa application. Keep everything ready so that it would be comfortable to apply for student visa.

Nowadays its very easy to book accommodation for your child from home country. University itself provide accommodation service for international students. We advise parents to chat with students regularly over the phone/what Sapp/Skype so that it will give moral support to students. Make sure you never give any pressure to students. It is advisable for parents to teach your child to be more adaptive to different culture and food. You can surprise your child by visiting on a convenient time for your child while studying in university.

Studying abroad is not just to make career, its a passion for most of them. You can get more detailed information from our counsellors. They can clear all your doubts regarding overseas education and you can plan better.

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