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Lund University (LU) is one of the world’s top 100 universities and the most popular university in Sweden for international students. In addition to academic and research excellence, LU is famous for its unique student life that includes the historic student ‘nations’ offering social activities all year round. The charming city of Lund is cute and compact and just 40 minutes from Copenhagen. In Lund, 1,000 years of history is blended with the country’s youngest population, global companies and world-class research facilities. Lund University places a strong emphasis on the employability of students and delivers programmes and courses in close interaction with both local and global businesses and organisations. Lund is a part of the Malmö region, the 4th most inventive region in the world*, and has an impressive breadth of knowledge-intense companies. Ericsson, Sony Mobile, Tetra Pak, Gambro, Alfa Laval are some of the global and well-known companies with which the University cooperates. Venturelab, Ideon Science Park and Medicon Village offer unique environments for entrepreneurs, research groups and organisations, enabling them to integrate research and innovation with new business models.

Masters course :

  • Masters (120 credits) Architecture - Specialization: Advanced Architectural Design, Human Shelter/Urban Space, and Spatial Experiments
  • Masters (120 credits) Astrophysics
  • Masters (120 credits) Atmospheric Sciences and Biogeochemical Cycles
  • Masters (120 credits) Bioinformatics
  • Masters (120 credits) Biology (Animal Ecology, Aquatic Ecology, Conservation Biology, General and Plant Science)
  • Masters (120 credits) Biomedicine
  • Masters (120 credits) Biotechnology
  • Masters (120 credits) Chemistry
  • Masters (120 credits) Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation
  • Masters (120 credits) Embedded Electronics Engineering
  • Masters (120 credits) Energy-efficient and Environmental Building Design
  • Masters (60 credits)Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Masters (120 credits) Environmental Management and Policy
  • Masters (120 credits) European Affairs
  • Masters (120 credits) European Business Law
  • Masters (120 credits) European Studies
  • Masters (60 credits) European and International Tax Law
  • Masters (60 credits)Finance
  • Masters (120 credits) Food Technology and Nutrition
  • Masters (120 credits) Geology
  • Masters (120 credits) Geomatics
  • Masters (120 credits) Global Studies
  • Masters (120 credits) Human Geography - Social Science
  • Masters (120 credits) Industrial Design
  • Masters (60 credits) Information Systems
  • Masters (120 credits) Innovation and Spatial Dynamics
  • Masters (120 credits) International Development and Management
  • Masters (120 credits) International Human Rights Law
  • Masters (60 credits)International Marketing & Brand Management
  • Masters (60 credits)International Strategic Management
  • Masters (60 credits) Management
  • Masters (60 credits) Managing People, Knowledge & Change
  • Masters (120 credits) Molecular Biology (General, Medical Biology, Microbiology, Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology)
  • Masters (120 credits) Public Health
  • Masters (120 credits) Service Management, (Logistics, Retail and Tourism)
  • Masters (120 credits) Sustainable Urban Design
  • Masters (120 credits) Synchrotron Radiation Based Science
  • Masters (120 credits) Water Resources Engineering
  • Masters (120 credits) Wireless Communications

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