Lithuania Visa guidelines

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Documents Required:

Completed and signed application in the prescribed form.
2 recent passport photos 35×45 colorful, with white background.
A valid travel document
Valid health insurance, covering the duration of stay, and its copy.
A return ticket reservation.
Mediation letter from the higher scholastic institution in Lithuania.
Registration certificate of the scholastic institution in Lithuania.
Study agreement from the scholastic institution in Lithuania.
Means of subsistence in the Republic of Lithuania. It means student has to show bank statement of minimum 5-7 lakhs.
Consular fee.- INR 4000
The Lithuanian Embassy reserves the right to ask for additional documents!


Visa application and supporting documents shall be presented by the applicant personally. Visa applications received by post, fax or courier will not be considered by the consular officer.

All documents shall be submitted along with its' copies. No copying services will be provided at the Visa Section.
All documents shall be submitted in the same order as per the list of requirements given above.
Please prepare carefully your visa application and supporting documents. Any missing information may lead to visa application decline, deny or process delay. Any missing or incomplete documentation will require you to come another time to the Visa Section.

During interview, applicants should be able to motivate their intentions to study in Lithuania
Visa application processing time- 10 days.

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