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The Czech Republic has a long history of offering quality higher education. Over 600 years ago, the first University was established in Prague. The system of higher education in the Czech Republic has been adapted according to the Bologna Process with the introduction of a credit system compatible with the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). This system makes a degree from the Czech Republic internationally competitive and comparable. Institutions of higher education in the Czech Republic are divided into state, public and private institutions. The difference between non-university and university type institutions is that non-university institutions mainly offer bachelor degrees.

Over 37,000 foreign students are studying at Czech higher Education Institutions and their interest is growing as the offer of study programmes in foreign language is increasing. Czech Universities are more and more involved in a wide range of international cooperation activities and programmes taking place in the European Union and other Countries.

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  • Living expense in Czech Republic

    In comparison to many other European countries, the cost of living in the Czech Republic is generally low. Costs will of course vary according to lifestyle, but the monthly cost for food, accommodation and public transportation should amount to approximately 350-750 USD.

    After study options in Czech Republic

    To get an employment permit, the student needs to submit:

    1. His personal identification data.
    2. Travel document number and name of the authority that has issued the document.
    3. Future employers identification data, information about the work.
    4. Attachments to the application: a photocopy of the travel documents page containing the foreigners basic identification data. a statement by the employer that the employer will employ the foreigner. an officially certified duplicate of the proof of professional capacity for the business in which the foreigner will work in the territory of the Czech Republic (vocational certificate, secondary school leaving certificate, diploma of completion of higher education, etc.), other documents if required by the nature of employment or if laid down by a promulgated international agreement that has been ratified by Parliament and is binding on the Czech Republic (annexes in foreign languages shall be produced in their original versions or their officially certified copies, along with their officially certified translations into Czech; the documents that prove the professional competence to pursue a requested occupation must be superlegalised (or provided with an apostille, where appropriate) and validated).

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