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Higher education in the Netherlands is offered at two types of institution: research universities and universities of applied sciences. Universities specializing in engineering and agriculture, and the Open University. Universities of applied sciences include general institutions as well as institutions specializing in a specific field such as agriculture, fine and performing arts, or teacher training. Whereas research universities are primarily responsible for offering research-oriented programmes, universities of applied sciences are primarily responsible for offering programmes of higher professional education, which prepare students for particular professions. These tend to be more practically oriented than programmes offered by research Universities.

Top reason to study in Netherlands
  • 95% of English speaking population
  • Best university in the world
  • Practical education method
  • One year job search visa after study
  • 20 hrs part time allowed
  • Employment rate is high
  • Quality living condition
Some of the institute in Newzealand which are very popular among Indian students are listed below. There are lots of girls and boys studying from India in these universities.

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