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In Slovakia, there are public, state, and private institutions of higher education. The public institutions of higher education are established pursuant to the Act on Higher Education. The bodies of their academic autonomy are the Academic Senate, Rector, Scientific Council and Disciplinary Commission. It is these bodies, who decide on their organisation, activities and administration. The state institutions of higher education are established by the ministries of the Government of the Slovak Republic.

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  • Living expense in Slovakia

    In general, the cost of living (utility costs, prices, etc.) in Slovakia is lower than in west European countries like UK, France or Germany. Living costs vary from region to region and are also dependent on fluctuations in the prices of food, energy and other everyday necessities.

    Considering accommodation, food, telephone, local travel and leisure costs, students should consider a monthly budget of 300 - 400 euros depending on the location.

    After study options in Slovakia

    Employee who is not a citizen of EU member country needs a work permit from Labour, Social Affairs and Family office and residence permit from the Foreign Police.All the Non-EU citizens who decided to work, study, teach, or do businesses in Slovakia must apply for a temporary residence permit. It is possible to get the necessary documents on a Slovak Embassy or Consulate General abroad. The temporary residence permit allows non-EU citizens to stay in Slovakia for a period of more than 90 days for business and/or educational purposes. It is issued for one year and then it can be renewed.

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