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Hungary offers affordable tuition fees and living costs in European Union and Schengen area.
Number of Nobel Prize Winners and scientific inventors got their education here.
We are official recruitment partner of the most Hungarian Universities which offer international programmes to foreigners.
Easier admission procedure and less documents for getting acceptance.
Hungary offers different type of scholarships for foreigners.
Lots of education programmes are offered in English and German languages.
Hungarian embassies issue education visas easier than other European Union and Schengen Member States.
Residence permit issued in Hungary for foreign students allows them to travel to other Schengen countries without any visa.
Number of low costs flights connect Hungarian cities to other countries and popular travel destinations.
Employment opportunities in European Union during education years and after graduation, etc.

Living expense in hungary

In comparison to many other European countries, the cost of living in the Hungary is generally low. Costs will of course vary according to lifestyle, but the monthly cost for food, accommodation and public transportation should amount to approximately 350-500 Euro.

After study options in hungary

For all non-Eu students in order to work in hungary, firstly an employer has to sponsor for work permit. Along with the offer letter, all necessary documents has to be attached to file work permit.

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