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Advantages of study in Switzerland:

Switzerland has no natural resources, education and knowledge have become very important resources. Therefore Switzerland claims to have one of the world's best education systems. The most popular of the educational facilities for foreign students, are the Swiss Hospitality Schools. In the past, and even today, people from all over the world visit Europe and Switzerland for its natural beauty and quality of service. This tiny nation with a population of 7 million has 5600 hotels which provide accommodation for more than 35 million guests every year!

Tourism is indeed a very important economic activity in Switzerland. Due to the lack of manpower and the high cost of our labour force, the Swiss hospitality industry not only welcomes a majority of international visitors, but also employs a truly international work force. This is also reflected in hotel management schools, in terms of the curricula offered and the mix in the student population.

Located in various towns and cities across Switzerland, these schools are renowned worldwide for their high standards and are almost a pre-requisite for hospitality students looking for a first class education.

Masters course: MBA in Global management ( 1 year study + 1 year internship)
MBA in Hospitality management( 1 year study + 1 year internship)
PG diploma in hospitality management( 6 months study + 6 month internship)

Tuition fees:

MBA - 23500 CHF / year (Including food and hostel)
PG diploma - 21700 CHF / year(Including food and hostel)

Application fees: 400 CHF

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