Living Expense in Switzerland

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The cost of living in Switzerland reflects the country's high standard of living. Residents enjoy excellent infrastructure, comprehensive public transportation, good quality accommodation, and superior cultural and tourism offerings.

Student living costs in Switzerland are comparable to major European cities and are, in fact, lower than those in Paris and London.

Living costs depend heavily on personal lifestyles and on one's choice of recreational activities. Based on the experience of former students, CHF 1,300 a month should be allowed for. A typical student budget for one month includes:

Rent and Utilities: 500 - 750
Food: 200 - 400
Transport: 50 - 100
Leisure activities: 150 - 200
Course Materials: 50 - 50
Misc. Expenses: 100 - 200
Total Expense for one month: 1,040 - 1,690

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