MBBS in Russia

Becoming a doctor is not a dream anymore. We represent most of the universities in Russia. The cost for completing a medical education in Russia including tuition, hostel, food, travel, etc would be around 25 - 35 lacs (Depends on chosen university) for 6 years. Fees can be paid yearly so it is affordable for anyone. Dont miss this opportunity.

Why study MBBS in Russia?

  • It is the happening education hub of Europe, offering the best and the advanced in education which is time tested and proved to navigate the future educational needs.
  • The admission process is comparatively lenient and accesses students overall performance without any entrance examination.
  • All the institutes are Government recognized which strictly adheres to no donation fee or capitation fee, making the study affordable.
  • The admission process is hassle free with no hiccups and bottle necks and without lengthy processes.
  • All institutes are recognized by WHO, UNESCO and medical council of India for future practicing.
  • State of the art campuses, fully equipped labs, and ultra modern learning facilities with dedicated and intelligent professors and their scientific approach makes learning an experience.
  • Extensive exposure to clinical practice and research due to multi bedded hospitals.
  • Low cost of living making the stay economical and comforting.

  • MBBS Fees for Russia University 2023

    University Tuition fees per year
    Kazan State Medical University 5680 USD/ year
    Kazan Federal University 6400 USD/ year
    Kursk State Medical University 5580 USD/ year
    Volgograd State Medical University 5680 USD/ year
    N.P Ogarev Mordovia State University 350000 Ruble/ year
    Ulyanovsk State Medical University 300000 Ruble/ year
    North Ossetian State Medical University 350000 Ruble/ year
    Altai State Medical University 5100 USD/ year
    Rostov State Medical University 4250 USD/ year

    List of medical university:
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  • Orenburg state medical university- Read more

  • Russia medical license exam:
    The Russian licensing examination, known as the Akkredition exam, serves as a form of accreditation. In contrast to the Gozz exam, the licensing exam exhibits significant differences. Comparatively, it is less challenging when compared to the GOZZ exam. Thus, individuals who successfully navigate the GOZZ exam will likely find the licensing exam relatively manageable. This examination comprises multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and remains valid for a duration of five years following successful completion, granting licensure.

    Russian medical universities oversee the administration of this exam. Once the GOZZ exam is triumphantly conquered and the corresponding degree is obtained, candidates can promptly take the licensing exam within a week or two. The results of the licensing exam are typically delivered within a month, coinciding with the conferral of the title of MD doctor in Russia. The documentation process concludes in approximately 30 to 40 days, enabling graduates to practice as an MBBS doctor internationally and as an MD doctor within Russia.

    Upon attaining the licensing degree in Russia, candidates possess the option to either pursue practice in Russia or return to their home country and undertake the requisite medical examination. The National Medical Commission of India stipulates that individuals aspiring to pursue MBBS degrees abroad must obtain a practice license from the respective country.

    Prospective candidates should view this exam as an avenue to practice medicine in Russia. Indian medical aspirants are mandated to undertake the NEXT or FMGE exam regardless. Consequently, acquiring practice licenses from both countries facilitates the choice of practicing in either India or Russia. Furthermore, obtaining a medical license from Russia enhances the credentials of medical graduates, which could prove advantageous should they consider relocating to other international destinations.

    Above all, candidates should bear in mind that dedication and determination can surmount any challenge, affirming that no task is insurmountable with the right mindset.

    Gozz exam:
    The examination is typically administered during the final year of the MBBS course and encompasses three crucial phases outlined as follows:

    Test Phase: The initial step entails a fundamental test comprising multiple-choice questions (MCQs) that medical aspirants must answer correctly, covering a comprehensive range of topics. Aspirants are expected to respond to all MCQs within this phase.

    Practical Phase:The second stage incorporates a practical assessment. During this segment, aspirants are assigned a patient who provides detailed information regarding their symptoms, ailments, or disorders. Aspirants are tasked with meticulously and accurately recording the patient's medical history. Subsequently, they are required to formulate an appropriate course of action, conduct thorough diagnostic procedures, document radiological findings, and propose suitable treatment methods. The practical phase serves as a means to evaluate aspirants' capabilities, assessing the practical knowledge they have accumulated throughout their years at the Russian medical university.

    Oral Examination: The third and final step of the GOZZ exam resembles a viva voce examination. Aspirants are anticipated to respond accurately and comprehensively to a series of questions posed by their professors, delving into various diseases, such as Asthma. Aspirants are probed extensively on symptoms, treatment options, radiological findings, and diagnostic techniques they would employ. Completion of all three steps concludes the aspirants' final examination.

    Successful clearance of this examination holds paramount significance for medical aspirants. Upon passing, aspirants are bestowed with the esteemed MD degree, equivalent to MBBS in India and other international jurisdictions. Consequently, they become eligible to practice medicine worldwide, contingent upon their attainment of specific licensure via distinct entrance examinations in various countries. Notable examples encompass the NEXT exam in India, the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) for the United States, The General Medical Council of the United Kingdom (GMC PLAB EXAM), and the AMC-MCQ Exam for Australia.

    An aspiring medical professional who does not meet the requirements of this exam will be denied the MBBS or MD Physician degree (as stipulated by the Russian medical board). Hence, successful completion of this examination is indispensable to attain the final degree.

    The syllabus for the GOZZ exam encompasses a comprehensive array of both theoretical and practical subjects, spanning preclinical and paraclinical domains. This syllabus encompasses topics taught from the inception of the MBBS course until its culmination in the sixth year.


    Documents Required for Admission:
  • 10th Marksheet
  • 12th Marksheet
  • Birth Certificate
  • NEET score card
  • Passport 1st and last page

  • Documents required for Embassy Submission:
  • Academic documents of 10th and 12th Marksheet.
  • Birth certificate in English.
  • NEET Admit card and NEET Score card (Color)
  • Passport by the government
  • 4 passport photographs ( White Background)
  • Medical certificate - HIV
  • Original Invitation letter.
  • Minor Affidavit required for students under 18 in 20 rupees stamp paper
  • Photo copy of parents ID proof (Aadhar card)
  • Ministry of External affairs appostile and State HRD attestation of academic documents
  • Acceptance Letter

  • Post Landing Support:
  • Receiving student from Airport.
  • Accommodating in our Hostel.
  • Student Enrolment procedure assistance in University.
  • Provide Local Sim card.
  • Assistance in opening Bank account.
  • Processing of Visa conversion and extension
  • Full support to students for entire period of study like Guardian.
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