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In year 2000 Odessa State Medical University has completed its 100 years of existence. It is a government university with the rights of self governing. The world known scientists and the founders of numerous scientific medical schools which brought glory to the world science worked at OSMU. Some of them are Prof. Pidvysotsky V.V. , Prof. Lisionkov M.K., Prof. Voronin V.V. , Prof. Batuev M.O., Prof. Verigo B.F., Prof. Boggomolets O.O., Prof. Zabolotny D.K., Prof. Strajesko M.D., Reznik B.Y. and others. Odessa State Medical University is the first university of Ukraine which started medical education in English medium in 1996. In 2005, university was awarded with a medal for the development of modern model for teaching the English speaking students by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Indian students in University :

There are not much Indian students studying in Odessa state medical university. please send your application before June to get admission in Odessa state medical university.

Why Odessa state medical university:

Odessa state medical university is top medical university in Ukraine. The university have good facility.


The MBBS, BDS, MD, MS degrees of Odessa state medical university are fully recognized by Medical Council Of India (MCI), World Health Organization (WHO), International Medical Education Directory (IMED), US Education Department and General Council Of Medicine of Great Britain.
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WHO - http://avicenna.ku.dk/database/medicine
IMED - https://imed.faimer.org

Tuition fee :

For detail regarding the fee structure Please email to truematics@gmail.com or call @ 9789978816 or visit our office. Thank you very much.

Climate in Odessa :

Odessa has a humid subtropical climate near the borderline of the continental climate (Dfa) and the semi - arid climate (BSk). This has, over the past few centuries, aided the city greatly in creating conditions necessary for the development of tourism. During the tsarist era, Odessas climate was considered to be beneficial for the body, and thus many wealthy but sickly persons were sent to the city in order to relax and recuperate. This resulted in the development of a spa culture and the establishment of a number of high-end hotels in the city. The average annual temperature of sea is 13 - 14 C (55 - 57 F), whilst seasonal temperatures range from an average of 6 C (43 F) in the period from January to March, to 23 C (73 F) in August. Typically, for a total of 4 months - from June to September - the average sea temperature in the Gulf of Odessa and citys bay area exceeds 20 C (68 F) The city typically experiences dry, relatively mild winters, which are marked by temperatures which rarely fall below −3 degrees Celsius. Summers on the other hand do see an increased level of precipitation, and the city often basks in warm weather with temperatures often reaching into the high 20s and mid-30s. Snow cover is often only light, and municipal services rarely experience the same problems that can often be found in other, more northern, Ukrainian cities. This is largely because the higher winter temperatures and coastal location of Odessa prevent significant snowfall. Additionally the city does not suffer from the phenomenon of river-freezing.

Hostel facility :

The university have hostel on campus. The rooms are shared by 2 - 4 person.

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