Why Study in Germany

Explore Germany with Truematics

Most of the Goverment Universities charge as low as 500 Euro to 1500 Euro Per semester
Private universities charge tuition fee from 8000 Euro to 10,000 Euro Per Year.
Worlds Top Technical Universities.
Average monthly living expenses are estimated to be between 500 to 600 Euro / Month.
Part-time jobs allowed 20 hours per week.
Easy Visa Processing 45 to 60 Days.
Students are allowed to stay for one year after the completion of the study program.
Permanent Residency permission within 5 years of working full-time in Germany.
Minimum documentation required for visa process.
English is the Medium of instruction for many program.
Numerous Scholarships are available.
High standard of living.
After working for 1 yr can apply for Green card and work for 5 yrs can apply for PR.

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