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Full-time international students are permitted to work for a maximum of 20 hours in a week while they are studying. They can also work full time (40 hours) during holidays.

Paying Income Tax:

Before you start work, you need an IRD (Inland Revenue Department) number. It normally takes 8-10 days to process your application.

As soon as students receive income from your part-time job or from other New Zealand income sources, they are legally obliged to pay tax to the government. This is usually automatically deducted from the wages by the employer. The tax deducted may vary from 15 cents to 39 cents per dollar, depending on the earnings. However, this deduction can go up to a high, non-declaration rate of 45 cents per dollar if the student does not fill a Tax Code Declaration Form given by the employer at the beginning of work.

If students work only for part of the year, they are probably entitled to a tax refund. To check the eligibility for a refund, students have to contact the IRD for a personal tax summary.

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