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The estimation specified below is for rough calculation and it is for someone who live with group of 3 -5 students in a four bed room apartment. Approximately 400 - 500 pounds will be living expense for a student who lives outside London with a group of students.

Accommodation cost in uk: 200 - 300 pounds /month
Electricity and gas bill cost in uk: 30 pounds/month
Food cost in uk: 100 pounds/month
Public transport: 20 pounds/month
Telephone: 10 pounds /month
Books & Stationary: 10 pounds /month
Misc: 40 pounds /month

Student Accommodation in uk:

As we highlighted in our student accommodation section, there are many options for places to live when you come to the UK, and each of these will vary in cost. If you are planning to come to the UK for University then you will most probably take the Halls of Residence option. Some will have catering facilities such as a canteen, but others will just have a kitchen so you can cook your own food.

If you opt to not go the halls of residence option, you can always go and find your own accommodation and the best way to do this is get a group of 6 students that you would like to live with. You can then go house hunting and find your own accommodation. The benefit of doing this is that firstly its fun to look for a house together and secondly with 6 people costs are split 6 ways and so it can be a much cheaper option.

If you are coming to the UK for ESL lessons or for another reason you might want to opt for a home stay. These are often shorter term visits and for that reason it is not common to come to the UK for a degree program and to stay at a home stay for the entire time of your degree.Although this looks more expensive you have to consider that this price will be inclusive of meals and all accommodation.

Working out what living expenses you will need to consider and how much they will cost you will depend on so many factors. For example if you want to live the lifestyle you have been doing with your parents back in your home country - this will probably be very expensive to do, so you might have to make compromises!

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