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Since the last two decades, the number of colleges and universities in Dubai has increased significantly. Students have a wide variety of study programs to choose from be it at the university or in colleges.

The UAE educational system comprises of a variety of academic institutions - Schools, Colleges and Universities. Furthermore, there are several training institutes that offer professional qualification and training programs in various fields. Each institution has it's own objective, structure, and admission requirements. There are a few governmental universities and colleges in UAE where admission is restricted to nationals only. However, there are several private institutions where enrollment is open to any student who meets the admission requirements. A student may enroll in any program of his/her choice. Programs may vary from academic, technical, and professional degree programs in various disciplines, preparing students for careers in research and professional practice in every field.

The proximity to home makes Dubai a very lucrative study destination to consider. The multicultural environment with an increased influx of foreigners will give you the international exposure that is a very integral part of any international education experience. There is a strong presence of campuses of international universities in Dubai which makes it attractive for students looking to study in a global environment.

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