Cost of living in Dubai

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Accommodation being perhaps the single largest expense to be taken into consideration as living quarters are a scarce resource in Dubai.

As a student you will have the option of living in university residences with separate accommodation for boys and girls. The costs for on campus accommodation is in the range of 2500-5000 AED per month. With the influx of foreign workers in Dubai, the demand for living spaces is high resulting in private accommodation being an expensive affair.


It is the most affordable with options alike for both vegetarians and non vegetarians easily available. All sorts of cuisines and varied options would be available. Eating out is most certainly an option with the vast selection of restaurants to opt from.


Dubai bus fare is AED 2 per ride. Taxi fares start at AED 3. However, having your own car is the cheapest, fastest and the easiest mode of transport. You can drive in dubai with an international license. However that is just an interim arrangement and you would need to eventually obtain a UAE driving license. If you have neither a car nor a valid driving license, you have another option of car pooling with fellow students to and fro from the university.

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