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The goal of the esaip since 1989 has been to train men and women for the jobs of the future, in order for them to evolve at an international level and gain strong adaptation capabilities for the world of business. The know-how « Made in esaip » has proved itself throughout the years, most notably through international openings and the individual follow-up provided to every student and trainee. Founded on Lasallian values of accessibility for all to higher education, the mission of the esaip group is to help each of our students and trainees to achieve their goals. We take up this daring challenge every year with success.
  • ESAIP meets all quality requirements Demanded by the Highest French autorités: State recognition, permission by the Engineers Securities Commission and member of the Conference des Grandes Ecoles.
  • ESAIP in 2 "Engineering" campus and 6 " bachelor-master" campus.
  • It is also a network of more than 55 partner universities around the world.
  • In ESAIP 18,000 largest university campus, 6 Graduate school of Engineering and Management("Grandes Ecoles").
  • ESAIP is trained more than 2,000 young people in the fields of Computer Science & Networks, Risk, Health, Safety & Environmental Management.
  • Supporting our students with research oriented internships and or projects.
  • All classes taught in English
  • A strong student population: 60 000 students (over 17% international)
  • A large international body of students on campus and in ESAIP
  • An experience of cultural diversity.
  • 70 Nationalities on campus.

  • Courses offered :

  • Master in Security Science
  • Eligibility - 12+4
    Tuition Fees - 14,000 Euros
    Duration - 1 year
    Internship - 4 to 6 months

  • Masters in Digital and big data for value
  • Eligibility - 12+4
    Tuition fees - 7000 Euro per year
    Duration - 2 years
    Internship - 4 to 6 months



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