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ESCE’s mission is to educate international business leaders with full awareness of their ethical, social and cultural responsibilities in a globalized world. The school carries out its mission through a research-led program emphasizing managerial knowledge and practical skills. Our chief commitment is to constantly mobilize all our efforts and resources to lead our students towards success. Our students’ reciprocal commitment to their course of study produces a cumulative energy full of promise. September 1968. On the initiative of the French Foreign Trade Center, now known as UBI France, ESCE is founded by four professors. It is the first business school to specialize in International Business Management, and its mission is to train the “future infantry” of International Trade, in France, and to build expertise in the import/export business. From the beginning, ESCE proudly displayed its point of difference: a unique international recipe for our students to savor, combining techniques of international trade and advanced foreign languages, academic mobility abroad, an international faculty, and an all-pervasive multiculturalism. It is the secret dosage of these ingredients – which only our students discover – that makes ESCE so effective in producing excellence. The ESCE curriculum lasted two years in 1968, gradually expanding in response to legitimate expectations for a quality international management program. Three, then four, and finally five years are now required to ensure that each student can achieve their professional ambitions. With 46 years of experience in the world of private higher education, ESCE is renowned amongst management schools for its international programs and the quality of its curriculum.

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  • Master in International Marketing
  • Master in International People Management
  • Master in Supply Chain Management

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