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The strategy of Mines Albi is always actively turned towards the evolution and current trends and needs of engineering and management experts in the global industrial world, which straightforwardly sets up its research fields and the high level training proposed in close cooperation with corporate partners. The growing internationalisation led the school and its network to offer a wide range of masters taught in English to facilitate the integration of its non French speaking international students, strengthen its international attractiveness and reach a leading position in terms of high level, research and industry connected to engineering education. Mines Albi is part of the "Institut Mines Telecom", the French leader in Education and Research in Engineering, Information Technology and Management and "Toulouse University", founded in 1229 and gathering togeter about 120 000 students shared across all university fields. Located in Albi a charming and quiet town in the South-West" of France, its historical center being declared an UNESCO world heritage site.

About Mines Albi:
  • Ecole des Mines Albi created in 1993
  • Engineering school located in Albi, south-west of France.
  • Mines Albi continuously develops close ties with international and national industries and participates in the development of the regional economy.
  • Mines Albi is a part of Groupe ecoles des mines and joined the Institut Mines-Telecom
  • Type of institution is public. Mines Albi is a state funded education institute
  • Mines Albi is a modern and well equipped academic institutions
  • Campus is set on 22 acres , with 40,000m2 of buildings and amphitheaters equipped regularly congresses and international symposium
  • Mines Albi is currently a member of Albi Group
  • Mines Albi belongs to the “Institut Mines-Telecom” and the “Toulouse University”
  • Mines Albi host 3 Research Centers

  • Courses offered :

  • MSc Aeromat-Innovation - Read more
  • MSc BiWEM (Biomass and Waste for Energy and Materials)
  • MSc Advanced pharmaceutical engineering
  • MSc Supply Chain And LEan management (SCALE)

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