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Polish academic traditions reach back to 14th century. The Jagiellonian University in Kraków was established in 1364, as the second university in Central Europe. Today's Polish universities continue the glorious traditions of their predecessors. Warsaw University ifor example is ranked first in the Top Coder international IT ranking.

Polish specialists of all professions are highly appreciated by the recruiters worldwide. Especially Polish doctors, engineers, architects and IT specialists are acclaimed, but other Polish graduates are also considered to be fully prepared to compete on a global job market.

The quality of the system is guaranteed by State Accreditation Committee, which monitors all Polish higher education institutions. According to its control results, over 80% of the Polish universities have outstanding and good rankings. Poland's higher education system is comprised of is made up of State (public) and non-State (non-public) institutions. Non-State higher education institutions are established on the basis of a permit issued by the Minister of Science and Higher Education, and acquire legal personality upon their entry into the register of non-State higher education institutions kept by the Minister. In addition to existing university-type intitutions, State and non-State higher vocational education schools have been established since 1998. A major component of training in these schools is a compulsory 15-week practical placement.

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